I’m back!

29 12 2009

Alright…Alright…Everyone hold on to your hats.  Gear Check is back!  For reasons unknown even to me, I have taken a hiatus from posting in the infancy of this project.  I wish I had some good explanation, but I don’t.  For anyone who cares, I apologize.  I really like writing the blog and I’m very proud of it and have been given really great feedback from many people.  Whether you find my writing intoxicating, the pictures stunning, the information helpful, or the stories inspiring, it’s all back!

I don’t really believe much in New Year’s Resolutions, but I am resolved to keep this blog up and running and evolving.  I’m going to put my neck out and say that I want to update at least once a week.  That means that in 2010, I want to put out 52 posts.  Hopefully as I write on December 29, 2010, I will be able to report that I have at least done that much.  Please continue to post comments, tell your friends, and email or call me directly with your thoughts and feedback.  One of the things I love the most is when people have come to me for gear advice.  I geek out on this stuff so I can give the long or short on something, or can help you find it.

So here we go again…As I lay in bed with the flu; my computer and cell phones with me, I’ll have a new gear related post up very soon…

Peace, Danno




One response

29 12 2009
Sandy Reed

Hey, Daniel! Good job. Sorry you have the flu…hope Amanda is well–and the pups…and that ya’ll had a great visit in Colorado. Happy New Year and keep the updates coming!

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