Packing. What do I need?

17 11 2009

FYI – I plan on starting a new series on packing for travel of all kinds.  I have recently been asked by a few different people to add some content on this so it should appear soon.  I have asked some friends to help and as you read, if you would like to add your own thoughts or would like me to cover certain topics, please feel free to let me know.  I will gladly include your thoughts or if you would like to make an entire post that you author; just let me know…I want this blog to become a compilation of work by others as well.

Peace, Danno


If you need more proof…

3 11 2009

It’s troubling that some people need more proof of global warming. Interestingly, Mt. Kilimanjaro is an incredible microcosm of the larger issues. Here are two stories published in the last two days about the dramatic pace with which the glaciers on Kili are literally disappearing…

New York Times


Sadly, D